by Jennifer Christensen
© 2004 Jennifer Christensen/Psychic Eye Book Shops, Inc.

The unique powers of Candle Magick are accessible to all of us. Candle Magick and Witchcraft are two separate things. You do not have to be a Witch to do candle Magick, although Witches do practice Magick as part of their religion, and working with candles included in aspects of Witchcraft. For the Witch or non-Witch, candle Magick can be an effective, fast way to achieve your desired intent. The process is quite simple.

Candles have been used throughout history in rituals, both to set a mood and as an aid in concentration (focusing) on the desired result of a ritual. The type of candle used depends on the particular ritual and also personal preference. Burn time will vary depending on the type of candle.

The color of the candle is seen as important to many people. Each color represents a different energy and/or quality. The following steps should be taken when preparing a candle for ritual use or for petitioning for a desired result:

  1. Select the candle to be used (perhaps by color, green for money, pink for love, etc; type of candle, image,7 Knob, etc.).=
  2. Clean the candle of previous energy. The following are just a few suggestions of cleaning solutions:
    A. Holy Water
    B. Rubbing Alcohol
    C. Baby Oil
    D. Pure Soap
  3. Bless them by saying a prayer over them.
  4. Label them (Alter candles are not labeled). Scratch onto them, with a sharp utensil, the name of what the candles is to represent (I.E. name of a person, amount of money, a new job etc).
  5. Anoint the candle with oil; this is also referred to as dressing the candle. It is important for the petitioner to focus on the intended purpose of the candle when anointing the candle. The more the concentration the greater the chances are for achieving the desired outcome. While holding the candle in one hand, apply the selected oil with the other hand in the following manner:
  • To call to you: anoint from tip to bottom, in a motion that comes to you.
  • To send away from you:anoint from bottom to tip, in a motion that goes away from you.

6. Please remember to burn candles only in a safe, protected manner. Light the candle and let it burn, saying your wish aloud. For example, if your wish was for a new job, you might say:

As I light this candle, the energy I put inside
is released. To bring my wish of work that I
need. Universe, answer this request with speed!

7. Take the remaining wax at end of spell/ritual and dispose of it either by burying it or wrapping it in a brown paper and placing in trash.

For the best results, you should start a spell when the Moon is growing to full (The Waxing Moon).

Remember, the Magick is in the intent you put into the candle.

May all of your wishes come to be! Bright Blessings,


Jennifer Christensen teaches Wicca & Magick courses and is available for consultations at our Sherman Oaks location.