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Terms of Service & FAQ

Below, please find information about what services we offer, the costs involved, and what you should expect in general. Read on and be an informed consumer before you utilize our services.

By calling in or otherwise utilizing our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this information. Please read it carefully.

In-Person Readings
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
Telephone Readings
15 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes

Please note that “Advanced sessions” such as hypnotherapy, reiki, past-life regressions, one-on-one instruction and other comparable customizable services offered by the psychics working under our auspices must be booked at least 24 hours prior to the appointment to allow for proper scheduling & billing.

Prices for “Advanced sessions” may vary depending upon the service being offered and the psychic reader offering it.

Please contact the store location’s manager for more information about the “Advanced sessions” offered at your nearest (or preferred) psychic eye location.

Speaking Legally….


Psychic readings are – by law – for entertainment purposes only and do not purport to render any kind of guarantee. Legally speaking, if you get a psychic reading, it is an entertainment service you are purchasing.

You, the consumer, are solely responsible for any and all actions that you take based on information you may receive in a psychic reading, and by calling in or by otherwise utilizing the services of the psychic readers at Psychic Eye’s locations, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and the frequently asked questions listed on this website.

All psychic readers working under the Psychic Eye’s auspices are individual businesses (contractors operating independently of Psychic Eye Book Shops, Inc.) in their respective locations (Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada) that possess all necessary and/or requisite city/county/local business license(s), permit(s) and all other requirements.

Hypnotherapy, Reiki and several other esoteric practices are self-regulated by various organizations that bestow certain certifications, but none are offically recognized by any accredited academic institution or governmental agency.

Psychic readings should absolutely not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem, disease, or psychological problem, as psychic consultation is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, consult your appropriate health care provider. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information you may receive in a psychic reading.


Any information on this website that could be construed as a testimonial or an endorsement is viewable via an online “guestbook” service that consists of verbatim posts from other clients (similar to services such as Yelp). They are available for promotional reasons only, and do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any past, ongoing, or future consultation(s) with you. By allowing third party testimonials to be available, we do not claim that anyone will experience the same or similar results as mentioned in these individual submissions, nor do we claim that a significant number of clients may obtain similar results. Another way to state this is that results experienced by any one individual who has written a testimonial or endorsement is not necessarily what any given consumer should expect to experience.

Terms Of Use….


QUESTION: Can I just walk in to a Psychic Eye location and get a consultation?

ANSWER: Walk-ins are welcomed at all of our locations with minimal wait time.

QUESTION: How do I find out which psychic consultant at a Psychic Eye location would be best for me?

ANSWER: Visit the homepage of the Psychic Eye location of your choice, and you will find detailed profiles on the psychics, including photos, hours of availability, and other information. This information is also available at the store location. If both are not an option, the retail employees will not choose your consultant for you, but they can advise you on the readers’ general abilities and specialties. Once you have viewed or been advised of this information, you can make an educated decision about who would best suit your needs.

QUESTION: The retail employees at the Psychic Eye would not recommend a psychic reader for me. Why is that?

ANSWER: Psychic readings are by nature subjective, and tend to differ with personal experience. Recommendations are not constructive. When choosing a reader, it is best for YOU to trust your own instincts and, from the video, testimonials, and other information provided, pick someone that best suits your needs.

QUESTION: This all seems so overwhelming! Clair-this! Channel-that! Aries! Pisces! Tarot! No Tarot! How do I really know which reader I should go to!?!

ANSWER: Okay, look. Picking a reader is a really personal thing. It does differ from person to person, and we’re not “just saying that to be fair to all of the readers.” Each reader working under our auspices is very carefully chosen, and we monitor customer feedback very closely to ensure that only the best remain under our roof. All the abilities we have listed for each reader are just an overall “resumé” of their abilities, but you should keep in mind that all of the things listed are just different tools that each reader has at their disposal for the sole reason of answering your questions. They all can look into specific questions or just do a general reading for you, but the main thing with any reading is that YOU feel good about the reader you are choosing:

Look at the picture (it’s kind of superficial, but still).

Read the information (really read it and do your homework).

Watch the video (this is the best indicator of how you’d interact with this person, since you can see them “in action”).

Know that we’re not a phone bank. The readers working under our auspices are real people, and do this for a living. Each reader is a licensed independent business in their respective location (Los Angeles, California & Las Vegas, Nevada), and maintains other local requirements.

If you get a “good vibe” from the any of these things, trust your gut instinct and go with it! You’ll know the kind of person you “gel” well with, and you’re more likely to get a reading that suits your needs from a person that you “gel” with. A lot of finding a “good reader for you” comes with “playing the field” until you find someone that you connect with well and whose perspective that you too see & can understand.

QUESTION: If I want to have a session with a particular psychic consultant, how do I make an appointment for an in-person consultation at a Psychic Eye location?

ANSWER: Contact the location of your choice and let them know who you would like to read with. The retail employees will advise you on which time slots are open. A first name and valid telephone number are required at the time of booking to hold your reservation.

QUESTION: If I wanted to have a session with a particular psychic consultant, how do I make an appointment for a consultation over the telephone at a Psychic Eye location?

ANSWER: Contact the location of your choice and let them know who you would like to read with. The retail employees will advise you on which time slots are open. A valid credit card must be charged at the time of booking to hold your reservation. Once you are billed, you must call back at your scheduled time, and you will be immediately transferred to the psychic consultant that you booked with.

QUESTION: Do the psychic readers make “housecalls?”

ANSWER: The psychic readers working under our auspices can also be booked for parties and special events, or offsite services and consultations such as Space Cleansing, Feng Shui Advising, Exorcisms, Seánces, or other such appropriate purposes.

Additionally, we are very highly renowned for providing psychics and metaphysical services for television, film, radio, and print media. (See our Media Gallery for our screen and print credits.)

For more information about offsite availability and pricing, please contact Chris Watkins for all booking information.

QUESTION: How can I pay for psychic consultations?

ANSWER: For in-person/in-store readings, only cash is accepted, and is paid directly to your psychic reader. ATM’s are available in the stores at most of our locations. Credit and/or debit cards are not accepted for in-person psychic readings, but can be used to pay for store merchandise, books, etc.

For out-of-area/telephone consultations, all major credit/debit cards are accepted by phone with proper verification information, but only those personally belonging to the caller can be honored (it has to have your name on it). There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule for any reason.

QUESTION: Am I expected to “tip” or leave a gratuity?

ANSWER: No. You are never expected to leave a gratuity. Tips are “always appreciated, but never expected.” Use your own judgement.

QUESTION: I wanted to book a telephone consultation for this very moment/instantly, but I was advised by the retail employees that the psychic reader needed me to call back, sometimes only in a few minutes. Why is that?

ANSWER: For ease of scheduling, all of our psychic consultations are booked at the start of every fifteen minute increment. Additionally, all phone sessons are prepaid by you, the caller. This “buffer time” ensures that A) the psychic reader will be at ease & available at the time of your call; and B) that telephone hold/wait time is minimized for the person calling in. For instance, if a psychic consultant were to be running late, or just not near a phone, they would still have “buffer time” to catch up and be ready & prepared to concentrate fully on your reading.

QUESTION: I was being billed for a telephone consultation, and I was asked for my telephone number, billing address and/or other card information. Why is that?

ANSWER: Your phone number is required in case there are any unforeseen (don’t laugh) changes to the scheduling arrangement. The billing address/other card information is needed because you, the card holder, are not present to sign for your charge. These measures are security requirements for your protection – enforced by various banks & credit card companies – that are purely for verification and authorization purposes. On our part, and with the exception of your phone number, none of this information is written down or kept, but entered directly into our billing terminals. (See our Privacy Policy for more about the security of your information.)

QUESTION: I have paid for and booked a telephone consultation with one of the psychic readers. What happens if I miss my appointment for any reason?

ANSWER: Since you are booking a particular psychic reader’s block of time (time in which they could have been available for other clients), the charge that you made to hold this reserved time will still apply. Any exceptions to this policy are purely at the discretion of the psychic whose time you have booked, (leave a message for them with the retail employees if need be) and make-up times can only be arranged via that particular reader.

The Psychic Eye retail employees absolutely cannot honor “credits” for “missed time” during the scheduling process.

Please note that this policy also applies to in-person readings. If you are late for an appointment, you may be charged for the whole appointment time, even if you are late. You are holding time on a reader’s schedule, and if the full time is not entirely available due to your lateness, you are expected to pay the reader for the full time you have booked.

QUESTION: But wait! I arrived on-time for my reading or called in on-time, and was waiting in the store/left on hold before my reading started! Now what happens?

ANSWER: Don’t worry. Your reading begins when the psychic you have booked with picks up your call/comes to get you and starts your reading.

If lateness is the reader’s fault, you will not lose time from your session. If the lateness is your fault, you will lose time from your booked session and you will be expected to pay for the whole time you have booked.

QUESTION: I am having a psychic reading with a particular consultant for the very first time. What happens if I feel that I am not connecting with the reader that I have booked with?

ANSWER: Although the psychic readers working under our auspices are very carefully chosen and held to the highest standards, psychic readings are by nature subjective and tend to differ with personal experience. Therefore, it is rare (but not unusual) for a true connection to not occur during an initial consultation. Accordingly, if you feel that the time that you are paying for is not progressing in the manner you prefer, you must make it known to them within the first five minutes of your reading.

If you do indicate that this is the case within the first five minutes, there is no financial or spiritual obligation. If you do not make your feelings known regarding the progress of your consultation within the first five minutes, the base charge for the time you have booked does still apply, as you did, after all, book and hold/reserve the time of your consultant.

If you have passed the five-minute mark and you have booked a session longer than fifteen minutes, you may opt to stop the reading at any point, and you will only be charged for the time you have taken.

The bottom line is that if you don’t “feel it,” speak up and say something!

QUESTION: What is the cancellation policy for psychic readings?

ANSWER: Cancellations for in-person or telephone reading appointments must be made at least thirty minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your session, to allow adequate time for other customers waiting to be notified and booked. Reading appointments cancelled less than thirty minutes prior to your start time may be charged for the time booked/held. Please notify the Psychic Eye retail employees immediately if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience for all parties.

QUESTION: It says on the website that [insert reader’s name here] is available today, but when I called the store, I was told that they were not there/available. Why is that?

ANSWER: The online lists of the psychics’ hours of availability are accurate and updated weekly as needed, but not on a day-to-day basis. The reader in question may be completely booked up, out sick, or unavailable due to other extenuating circumstances.

QUESTION: The psychics’ hours of availability on your [insert store location here] homepage look like they haven’t been updated in a while. Are the schedule and roster still accurate?

ANSWER: Our psychic consultants generally keep the same hours of availability, and they usually remain the same each week. Occasionally, certain rosters will not need to be updated for some time. For additional information, please refer to the topic above regarding readers being unavailable.