Lauren is currently on leave, she is expected back beginning of August with Silverado location.

Lauren is a lifelong seeker of mysteries, dedicated to serving The Great Work. From the age of three, Lauren, a natural-born psychic medium, vividly recalls her first encounter with an angel. This profound experience left an indelible mark, leading her to vow, “I will never regret a day of my life.” Harnessing her gift, she conducted numerous readings over the years. Recognizing the potential to reach a broader audience, she made the decision to offer her abilities professionally. As a psychic arts practitioner, certified breathwork facilitator, and yoga instructor with over a decade of experience, she has empowered countless individuals to transform their lives. Passionate about unveiling true potential and fostering joy and purpose, Lauren believes in everyone’s ability to shape their desired life and equips them with the tools for positive change. Her commitment extends to guiding clients towards balance, harmony, and inner peace.

Beyond her spiritual pursuits, Lauren boasts over 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Managing both emerging talent and industry veterans, she directed high-profile events on the Las Vegas Strip. Her vibrant enthusiasm for people stems from her extensive global travels and work in entertainment.

Originating from New Orleans, Louisiana, Lauren’s journey includes ballet training with esteemed institutions like the New York City Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Rock School of PA, and the North Carolina School of the Arts. A former performer in Bally’s Las Vegas show, Jubilee!, she graced the Las Vegas Strip billboard for a decade.

Transitioning her ballet skills into yoga, Lauren has become a recognized figure in the Las Vegas yoga community. Alongside her spiritual and professional pursuits, she embraces the role of a mother to two boys, Maddox and Phoenix, and their canine companion, Wallace.


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Lauren's Silverado Schedule

Lauren has taken a personal leave of absence.
Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

To make an appoitment with Lauren, please call


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  1. Randy Arbuckle says:

    I just read with Lauren, and as a reader, in my opinion, it is not in the best interest of the business, to say to a client ‘Well, if you already know then, what are you doing calling in??’ I know that not every reader is going to resonate with me, and I accept that, but if I was a reader I would never question why a client calls in. I think that I had to have this experience with Lauren to see just how abrupt she can be. Lauren, however, is on her path, as I am on mine.

  2. Randy Arbuckle says:

    I would have thought that some of my money paid for an unsatisfactory reading with Lauren would be reimbursed, but I was told ‘no’. I paid $35 for 30 minutes, and was told Lauren and I disconnected in 10 minutes. I do not get this: Lauren questions my calling in and discourages it, and I get penalized. Where is the justice??? I have phoned your store numerous times for readings, and to be ill-treated like this. I do not get it. Should I discontinue calling your store for readings? What’s up???

  3. julianne de Medici says:

    I think Lauren is terrific. I have read with her several times over the last couple of years and she is on point. I read the other reviews, and sometimes she has a sharpness to her but the way I see it, it’s to bring awareness. It does. Her readings are focused, articulate and her intelligence and vibrancy are evident.

  4. Isi C says:

    Lauren’s gifts from my experience are not on-demand, very much unremarkable readings and I’ve given it 3 attempts over the last 2yrs. The first read was a short 15 minute phone then subsequently upgraded to two more 30 minute attempts. Honestly, she is direct and at least she doesn’t spin you a tale of what you want to hear so that’s good, but lots of pauses and silences in the reading, that can be used for maybe “empowering and offering advice, life experiences, tools etc…So the end result, I’m not going to her for further readings and that’s the best you can do for yourself. Her list of talents in the bio lure you in, but can someone really be great at it all? Ask yourself this. Lesson learned and noted on my part.

  5. Loki says:

    Having read with a few other psychics through psychic eye, I found my readings to be consistent. (I am very logical and like to hear all sides of my reading are consistent) when inquiring on a specific person in my reading with Lauren, she kept insisting that there was a woman and child around the person who I was asking about. I told her this is completely incorrect as I know the person, to which point she became snippy with me saying that “she’s been doing this for years and is a third Gen witch, etc) needless to say, those things don’t really matter to me. What matters is accuracy. Also, most the reading, which I had an hour of, was extremely vague. A lot of “um/hmm/ya know” thrown in. So, not sure about Lauren. She told me the person I was asking about had a “darkness” to them, which I know for a fact, couldn’t be further from the truth. So, maybe her guides didn’t get along with mine? I don’t know. What I do know is I was extremely disappointed and felt sick after the reading.

  6. Naomi says:

    Lauren is absolutely wonderful. She is genuinely there to support you in achieving what is in your highest good. Most psychics feed you the information you want to hear, but she really just tells you as it is. If you want a real reading, that provides genuine insight and leads you to your destined path… then she’s the one for you. Thank you Lauren! You are appreciated. Until next time, blessed be!

  7. Steph says:

    Lauren has been giving me readings the last two years and the most important thing I can speak on is her accuracy. It’s true that “time will tell” when it comes to readings. Not everything happens in the blink of an eye, and that’s what I’ve loved most about our readings. Overtime, her accuracy from our one-on-ones has never failed. I’m always in awe and feel so energized after my readings with her. Her spirit, attitude and energy is incredible. I highly recommended her to anyone who wants to have a single reading done, or a forever lasting reading relationship.

  8. Kiri says:

    I got a reading from Lauren and it was amazing! I went with a group of friends to go see her and it was illuminating. Predicted and knew so many things about our lives and gave great advice by the end of the session. She is so sweet and talented.

  9. David Hwa says:

    When I read a negative review I was concerned, but I found Lauren to be conscientious, sensitive, and approachable. She did readings for myself and two friends, a man and a woman, and we were all pleased with the results. She connected with us very quickly and identified what each of us was going through. I highly recommend her and intend to use her services again.

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