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The Oracles Of Eight



The Octagons Of Fate

The Oracles Of Eight are a simple divination tool based on a translation of a traditional 18th-century French fortune-telling game called Evening Of Readings.

In the game, to obtain an answer or fortune, the subject rolls three eight-sided dice one at a time and matches the number rolled to a list of simple prophecies based on the original texts. For example: die one rolls a 1, die two rolls a 3, and die three rolls a 5; the number then is 135, which reads “unexpected visit.” Other such prophecies are varied: “an unexpected visitor will bring complicated business” or “there will be betrayal by someone close to you.

In a contemporary reading, the oracle is often used to “set the tone” before the reading properly begins. The set includes a complete chart of prophecies and three jumbo eight-sided dice (purple, black & blue).

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