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“The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest



How To Make Wiser Choices For A More Fulfilling Life

This bestselling astrology classic was the winner of the 1985 PAI Award (Professional Astrologers Incorporated) “for outstanding activities in furthering the goals of Astrology.”

Published to almost immediate critical acclaim, the book is beloved by both beginning and advanced astrologers. The book introduces all the astrological basics — signs, planets, houses, aspects — and pulls them together in a step-by-step strategy for synthesis that anyone can learn.

One of the most popular texts for beginning the study of astrology, the book has received praise by professional astrology teachers as well as celebrities such as Sting and Robert Downey, Jr.

Readers will learn an approach to astrology that is positive and affirming, and which celebrates human diversity, in the style of Evolutionary Astrology that Steven Forrest has become renowned for. The writing is both accessible and poetic, reaching the reader through clear imagery and storyline that is easily memorable and retainable. Differing from astrology texts that are simply descriptive, this book takes the reader on a journey into the astrology of freedom and choice, where we discover the interplay of celestial influence and free will, and the magic that we all can find there.

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