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Cunningham’s “Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic”



This classic reference serves two purposes: first, it is a basic introduction to magic. It includes how magic works and how you can design spells that incorporate stones and metals. Author Scott Cunningham also describes how you can use stones for doing divinations, even using them as a type of Tarot.  But it is the second part where this book really shines. It reveals magical uses of over 100 crystals, gems, stones, and metals. Now, you may know what gold or quartz looks like, but do you know what peridot or staurolite look like? If not, don’t worry. The book includes twenty-five full-color photos showing these and many other of the magical items described in this book so you can easily make select them for your magical purposes.

As a reference tool on the subject, there is nothing better. Pick a stone, gem, or metal and Scott shares planetary and elemental rulers along with magical powers and uses.  This book is a splendid addition to the magical library.  You may discover that the very rocks you walk on could draw a new love into your life or help you financially.  288 pages.

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