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Medicine Cards



Oracle Deck & Full-Length Book

The discovery of power through the ways of animals! Discover the original animal oracle cards and book that millions of people worldwide have used for guidance, inspiration and help. This unique divination system draws upon ancient knowledge and the natural ways of animals. Based on the signs the natural world sends us and the great wisdom animals give us, Medicine Cards readings guide the way to healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit, and provide insight into and understanding of one’s unique purpose. Medicine Cards is an advanced tool for achieving personal growth and balanced living. Learn the meaning of animals signs in our daily lives and how these signs are powerful and meaningful to our life situations. When we reconnect to the animals we reconnect to the earth and to ourselves.

Medicine Cards is a boxed set of 52 beautifully-rendered animal cards and accompanying book. Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have been sold in the past 25 years!

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