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Aboukra Fortune-Telling Cards



The Aboukra Fortune-Telling Cards
Psychic Eye World Exclusive
Limited Vintage Collector’s Edition

The Aboukra Fortune-Telling Cards are a very rare and much sought-after deck of divination cards designed & created by the late Mrod A. Farry of New Zealand, and was first published in the mid-1960s.

The Psychic Eye happens to hold the entire last-ever official printing (from 1972) of Farry’s original vision of Aboukra in our stock.

The card set you will receive is still in its original, unopened packaging & wrapping from the last-ever (official) printing of Aboukra in 1972. Included in each new pack is the original instruction booklet written by the author, the late Mrod A. Farry.

Farry, a Kiwi with Lebanese heritage, intentionally devised Aboukra to be unlike other divination card systems.  With Aboukra, there is no rote symbolism or defined “meanings” required to read the cards.  Aboukra contains plain, simple, and to-the-point messages.  Therefore, the skill is not so much in the interpretation of the cards themselves, but in the ritual that is used to whittle the massive 80+ card deck down to the final three cards needed for a reading.

Each set includes a green “Premonition” card, three purple “Key” cards, and seventy-five blue “Mind’s Eye” cards, which each contain two statements of advice, wisdom or foretelling.  When combined in the proper way, Aboukra provides illuminating insight into current and future events.  The cards are standard “playing card” (2.5″ x 4.3″) size.

The Aboukra card set is accompanied by a detailed booklet written by Farry that explains the Aboukra system, descriptions of each card & their divinitory meanings, and how to use them in the context of a reading.

It is important to note that the Aboukra set you will receive is brand new, unopened & unused, and is still in its original 1972 box and wrapper.  However, as this is a “vintage” item, the deck may have some minor wear & tear, usually & primarily in regard to slight crushing or creasing of the cardbord packaging, and yellowing from the adhesives used on the 1972 outer wrapper (see photos).

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