Melissa has always had a strong acuity for divination, and worked as a freelance reader for over ten years before joining the Psychic Eye family in 2015.

She identifies primarily as intuitive & empathic, and is often gifted with prophetic dreams. These abilities allow her to tune into both the spiritual world and the energies around her on the physical plane.

Melissa was initiated into ceremonial magick after studying the hidden sciences & mysteries for several years. She has a vast knowledge of metaphysics and the occult, including the tarot, Kabbalah, astrology, magick & ritual work, invocation, angel work, astral projection and alchemy.

She has a keen ability to guide & counsel others, and has attained much wisdom & knowledge both through her practical training & studies, and through many challenging & difficult life experiences that she has navigated and overcome.

Melissa’s professional background includes experience at such notable venues as the Bodhi Tree and the Philosophical Research Center, and she has been deeply involved in the occult community for years.

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Melissa's Sherman Oaks Schedule

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM  
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM 
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM 
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

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  1. Carlos Pereira says:

    For the past 17 year I trust all the psichic,I be there many times…but today in the middle of the conversation Melissa stop the reading…I be very respectful all the time but please…if you said your are a clairvoyant..you don need to ask me questions or ask me at the same time answer…please look for real tarot readings Not a person that don’t have this blessing gift…be evaluated her job…I’m a clairvoyant and I know what I said…my expression if not because I want to be a tarot reader it is because we need at this moment of the life Real readers…people need something to recovery the faith…it terrible experience with this young lady..terrible ..if you are a excellent clairvoyant you don’t need to stop…especially when starting the conversation…be more respectful

  2. Nikki S. says:

    I normally don’t leave comments, but after reading the comment by Carlos, I had to.

    I have been going to see Melissa for years and she is amazing! She uses her abilities to answer questions and direct guidance from the spirit realm. She has been so accurate and helpful in my life! She also is patient and compassionate, too (with all my tears lol)

    Also, as someone who is an empath, intuitive, and clairsentient…the messages come in different ways, strengths, and can depend on the energy of the person being read. Not all people with such abilities experience it in the same ways. If you come with expectations of how a psychic is supposed to act, not wanting to answer questions, and have a cold vibe, you are not going to have a good reading…even if you have similar abilities.

    Anyways, Melissa is awesome!

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