“May wisdom guide you on your journey.”

Charis has studied and practiced the metaphysical arts for over twenty five years. Her first astrology teacher was Frances Sakoian of the New England School of Astrology. She has trained extensively at the Carroll Righter Foundation in Hollywood and the Manly P. Hall Philosophical Research Society.

Charis believes that the ancient knowledge and wisdom was designed to assist you in living a better life today. By combining skill with faith, her goal is to guide you towards greater awareness and belief in your own magick so that you will act on the natural talents and intuition you were born with, which ultimately contribute to making the world a healthier place for all.

Charis’ television show “Journey With Astrology” can be seen on YouTube and Public Access Television locally.

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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

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  1. Mark says:

    This is a mixed bag. I have to be honest in my reviews, and so I will always give credit to the positive but also acknowledge what is negative. I had two different sessions (readings) with Charis Milona. During my first reading with Charis, she came across as very relaxed, kind, and warmhearted. She told me quite a number of positive things in store for my future, some of which I had a hard time believing. Much of it remains to be seen. She did seem to know what she was talking about, especially where astrology was concerned. She was nice enough to offer me extra time. And she wanted to interpret a dream that I had. I spent about 5 or 6 minutes telling her my dream. She interpreted it, and then we kindly said goodbye to each other. I thought my first session with Charis went extremely well.

    Then came the second session about a few months later. I liked Charis as a reader, and I also had some follow-up questions for her. When I spoke to her again, I could immediately recognize from her tone that something wasn’t right. She sounded angry. I asked if she remembered me. She asked if I was the guy with the dream. I told her that I did tell her about a dream that I had. Then Charis got kind of rude with me and started complaining to me about how I took forever to tell her my dream, and that she hoped that I wouldnt be asking her about any more dreams. I was quite stunned and didn’t know what to say. So I just went ahead and asked her my questions. She was relaxed enough this time around as well, although some of the details of her reading had changed. During my first session, she told me that I will have kids and they would be two boys. This time she told me I would have a boy and a girl. I was glad that the things she was telling me were mostly positive. But then she started up with the accusation against me about how I took up too much time telling her about my dream during the last reading and that it wasn’t fair to her clients who were scheduled after me. She just couldn’t let it go. It’s as if she had been harboring this grudge about it. And all this time I had thought our first session went extrmemely well. If Charis had such a problem with the 5 or 6 minutes that it took me to tell the dream, then why didn’t she say something at the time? She was the one who told me I had extra time. And she is the one who asked me to tell her about my dream. Then at the end of the session she didn’t really give an answer to my last two questions. She then abruptly said “Gotta go” and hung up on me as though she was afraid I was gonna take up her time. I was so insulted. All i wanted was to get my questions answered (and for the most part i did) but not without getting accusations (false i might add) hurled against me out of nowhere. It was so uncalled for. And honestly it came across as petty and unprofessional for her to do that. I should have just told her that I didn’t want to hear it. Like seriously, let it go.

    As an astrologer, I think Charis Milona is top notch. Shes very knowledgeable in astrology. As a psychic, I think Charis is very good. She is very intuitive. But I was stunned and insulted at how different she seemed during the second reading compared to the first. Maybe she was having a bad day, not that that’s an excuse to treat me that way. But I’m still kind of shocked at how different she came across the second time around. At least that is my opinion anyway.

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