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Triloka Chakra Incense



For Balance & Harmony

This incense has been custom blended to incorporate ancient knowledge of Vedic medicine and the yogic knowledge of the energy that emanates through the chakras, or energy centers of the body. We have seven main chakras and each chakra is connected to certain parts of the body, as well as with our mind and spiritual development. Chakras can be activated and balanced to create a life of harmony, health and spiritual awakening. They are hand-blended and rolled according to ancient Ayurvedic tradition, containing natural ingredients including herbs, woods, gums and essential oils.

The assortment contains two sticks or cones each of the seven Chakra incenses: Crown (unifying, enlightening, meditative), Third Eye (transforming, awakening, clarifying), Throat (clarifying, inspiring, balancing), Heart (awakening, balancing, exhilirating), Solar Plexus (encouraging, soothing, calming), Sacral (inspiring, sensual, soothing), and Root (grounding, nurturing, strengthening).

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