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Tarot Of The New Vision



Standard Size Deck

Have you ever wondered what the Magician was looking at? What was behind the High Priestess? What the Kings and Queens were contemplating? Most Tarot enthusiasts are familiar with Pamela Colman Smith’s iconic artwork for the Rider-Waite deck, but this fascinating new Tarot deck turns the original drawings around 180 degrees and looks at them from a completely new perspective.

Widely touted as “the deck no one thought of,” the cards are now much more populated than they traditionally appeared. More people, new objects, and different landscapes are revealed. Many cards that originally showed only a single figure now show them with spectators, acolytes, children, or animals. There are also more angelic and demonic elements – extra demons or gargoyles appear in the Devil and the Nine of Swords, an angel appears in the Eight of Wands, a winged horse in the Four of Cups, a ghost or spirit in the Seven of Pentacles. Some cards are not exact 180-degree reversals, and, understandably, some artistic license has been taken so that each image works. Seated figures, like the court cards and Justice, have been treated by showing a frontal view of the card in bas-relief, to look like decoration on the back of the throne. A fascinating and visually evocative deck! Standard size (4.75″ x 2.75″) deck.

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