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Solar or Lunar Return Chart



Also available in multi-wheel format.

A Solar Return chart is cast based on when the Sun returns to the exact same position it was at your birth around the time of your birthday. The actual date may vary a day one way or the other from your birthday and of course the other planets are in different positions. This chart provides a very accurate view of what you might expect in the coming year with an approximate three month overlap at the beginning and end. This means you might start seeing the next year’s theme come into events in your life starting three months prior to your birthday and it may take approximately three months for the previous year to fade.

A Lunar Return chart is one that is calculated for the exact moment that the Moon returns to the same sign-degree-minute where it was at birth. This occurs every month. These charts are used to see where one’s energies will be applied and the sphere of activity during the coming month.

Psychic Eye Return Charts come in Deluxe format or can be included with your Natal Chart in Bi-Wheel format.

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