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Progressed Chart



Also available in multi-wheel format.

We all change with time. As we experience life and our maturity level increases everything about us evolves. These changes can often be found and understood more clearly in a Progressed Chart.

Secondary progressions are a tool by which astrologers can witness the evolution of the subjective consciousness as life experience unfolds. The beauty of the progressed chart lies in its ability to demonstrate how the energy undercurrents stream through the inner workings of the subjective emotional layers. It is a useful consulting tool that offers an advantage in looking ahead to see what building trends may be developing, and can potentially offer even more constructive insight through the looking glass of retrospective analysis. As they say, hindsight can provide the best 20/20 vision. Learning in the moment is one thing, but broader and deeper understanding is most often achieved through the review process.

Psychic Eye Secondary Progressions come in Deluxe Format, or can be included in a Bi-Wheel with your Natal Chart.

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