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“Little Spirits” Scented Highball Cocktail Candles



Handpoured Soy Blend Candles

Brighten your day with some “little spirits!” These soy/beeswax blend cocktail-scented candles are “handpoured” into heavyweight highball glasses, and don’t require any drinking at all. The unique aromas are a real nose-pleaser, and the color correspondences of both the candles & glass as well as the scents & natural essences can also be used as a fun alternative during spellcraft. Providing a longlasting 24-hour burn from the 6 oz. glass, these highballs also feature an all-natural cotton wick and a cork lid. Cheers! Salud! Na zdorovje!

Absinthe ~ The green glass exterior mirrors the color of Absinthe, and the candle gives off its familiar scent. The “Green Fairy” of Absinthe is represented with notes of geranium, black currant & basil, complemented by woody accents of patchouli & hints of tobacco.

Black Russian ~ The dark brown glass exterior mirrors the color of a Black Russian, and the candle inside gives off its familiar coffee scent. It opens with juicy notes of orange sparkle above the heart of coffee liqueur, crushed almonds & cinnamon, layered by notes of vodka, cocoa powder & sugar.

Mojito ~ It might look like the popular drink, since the white candle is wrapped in green glass, but that’s where the similarities end. Its effervescent Mojito scent mixes notes of lime, orange & mint, followed by top note hints of rum & sugar blended to perfection.

Moonshine ~ The white glass exterior is as down-home as the drink itself, and the candle inside gives off its familiar ginger scent. Created by infusing sparkling lime juice with ginger liqueur, Moonshine finishes with the essence of ginger beer & white whiskey, enriching it with woody undertones & sweetening with a simple syrup.

Moscow Mule ~ Wrapped in coppery glass, the Mule candle mimicks the opening citrus notes of lime & lemon juice mixed with chilled vodka. It is followed by a heart that flows with sweet jasmine, coconut & a creamy vanilla.

Old Fashioned ~ The rust-colored glass exterior mirrors an Old Fashioned, and the candle inside gives off its familiar whiskey scent. Opening with the scent of bergamot and lemon, the heart features lavender, sage & cinnamon, and is supported by a base of rye whiskey, amber & smoked oak.

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