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Composite Chart



Also available in multi-wheel format.

The concept behind the Composite Chart is that it represents the relationship itself as a third factor. Two people create a third thing between them. The Composite Chart is like an energy field, which affects both people and draws certain things out of each individual as well as imposing its own dynamics on both.

Because the Composite has all the same features as a birth chart, one approaches its interpretation in more or less the same way. The composite chart has a core identity which signifies its “purpose” (the Sun) and a characteristic set of emotional responses and needs (the Moon). It has a mode of communication (Mercury) and a distinctive set of values and ideals (Venus). It has a mode of expressing energy and will (Mars). It has its own way of growing and expanding (Jupiter) and it has innate limitations and defence mechanisms (Saturn). It reflects certain collective ideals which strive for change and progress (Uranus). It has innate aspirations which reflect certain collective fantasies (Neptune). It has a bottom-line survival instinct which can prove supportive to the relationship’s continuity but can also be destructive if the relationship is under threat (Pluto). It has an image or role to play in the eyes of society (MC), and it has a “personality” which will express itself in certain characteristic ways to the world outside (Ascendant). The signs in a composite chart describe the basic stuff or “temperament” of which the relationship is made; the planets describe the motivating energies; and the houses describe the spheres of life through which the planets express themselves. All this is basic astrology, and it is no less applicable to the Composite than it is to the individual birth chart.

The Psychic Eye Composite Chart comes in Deluxe format, or can be included in a Tri-Wheel with both of your Natal Charts.

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