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Crystals & Gemstones

There are many ways to use crystals & gemstones metaphysically for healing and crystal magick. Crystals are used extensively for psychic & divinitory work such as scrying. Many kinds of magick and spellwork require crystals be used, such as protection or love spells. They are often used to strengthen & deepen meditation. Crystals can be worn, or in some cases carried to benefit from their magickal properties, and are often used as part of chakra balancing and color therapy. They are also used quite a lot in conjunction with Reiki healing, or as a supplement to other alternative or traditional healings. Crystals can be useful when kept around the home, workplace or other environment to improve the atmosphere, and to bring in (or remove) certain energies.

And of course, in addition to these, you can use your imagination and find even more ways to use crystals!

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