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Amulets of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar captured fame and fortune during medieval times and lived to the highest principles of the Middle Ages – bravery & chivalry. These warrior knights possessed an appetite for knowledge that reached from pagan and magick across a broad range of religions. Known for both worldly treasure and esoteric knowledge, the Templar mythos transcends time & space to energize these compelling symbols.

The Knights Templar were the defenders of Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land during the crusades. Templar knights were disciplined, intelligent, & efficient warriors. They were known for their armor of white mantles (representing purity) with red crosses. Because the order was endorsed by the Catholic Church, Templar Knights were highly favored and quickly grew in number and power throughout Europe. They procured impressive estates and served as advisers to the powerful and wealthy. Rumor that their quick rise to fortune was obtained through powerful and mystical relics led to suspicion that the Templars were participants in black magick and idol worship to gain wealth and power. Accused of heresy by the church, many members of the order were tortured into making false confessions and put to death for their crimes, leaving the mystery and legend surrounding the secretive Knights Templar to continue on to this very day.

These handsome replicas of the Templars’ orders of chivalry are each handcast in high-quality nickel-free & lead-free pewter, and are decorated with touches of gold plating, crystals and handpainted enamel accents.

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