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Privacy Policy

We at the Psychic Eye value our customers and their privacy.

We do not, under any circumstances, give or sell any information you provide us with to any third parties, ever, anywhere, anytime!

We are here to serve you and protect you while doing so.

Please read on for our detailed policy, and thank you for putting your trust in us.


If you are booking a psychic consultation by telephone, or procuring other services from us via the telephone, you will be required to give certain sensitive information: credit/bank card account information (for billing), and on-file address/card information (for verification).

All credit/bank card account and/or verification information utilized by us for billing purposes is always entered directly into our billing terminals, and is never written down or kept for any reason whatsoever.

All standard transaction printouts made from our billing terminals include only a truncated (abbreviated) version of your account number, and said printouts never include any verification information, but only a code signifying whether information was accepted or denied.

The information shared between yourself and the salesperson handling your telephone transaction is relayed on each Psychic Eye location’s in-house hardwired & secure telephone system. Nobody can “listen in” on our end. A good rule for sharing sensitive information (in general) is to call from a landline or mobile phone. Cordless phones can be compromised.


There is only one area on this website where you are required to enter personal information: in the Secure Shopping Cart (billing & shipping information). The only person who has access to this information is the webmaster of our website.

For your protection, our shopping cart site, CoolCart, uses a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection during the payment process to ensure that your credit card information will not be compromised during processing. On our Secure Payment Form, you will notice a padlock shaped icon somewhere in your browser window which verifies that the connection to our shopping cart site is secure. Credit card information is processed using VeriSign/PayPal’s secure transaction processing software.

Our mailing list(s), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube feeds are only used by us, to promote in-store events, new readers and other pertinent information. The only person who has access to these accounts is the webmaster of our website. E-mail addresses, names, and demographic information available to us are never given out to, or sold to any third parties. EVER.