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Tera is an Aquarius who has been reading with Psychic Eye since 2007, and she loves her job! She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and a natural channel/medium. Tera uses a variety of skills and divination tools, such as  cards, runes, and tuning forks, to provide assistance in all areas of life.

Love and Relationships Find out how the people in your life really feel about you, what their intentions are, and what their purpose is in your life. Get answers to questions you have about compatibility, trust, and fidelity. Resolve conflict and find your best course of action. Tera can give you insight into romantic relationships- past, present, and future- as well as family, friends, and business relationships. 

Money and Business Financial troubles? Making a big decision or career move? Feeling discontent or anxious in your current position, or wondering about potential for promotion or growth? Find out about opportunities, obstacles, and options to help you reach success. Tera can help you identify your career strengths and needs, as well as any skills or changes you may need to reach your goals.

Health and WellbeingThough not a medical professional, Tera has an affinity for identifying problem areas, deficiencies, and causes of low energy. She’s able to provide insight into your concerns, and your best course of action to help you feel your best.

Spiritual GrowthLearn more about your spiritual journey in this life. Tera can help you identify and develop your own psychic gifts, as well as identifying blocks and lessons holding you back from success. Tera also helps with those just discovering their gifts, including children. Find your purpose and passion, and get on the right path today.

Lost Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, and AngelsTera began communicating with the deceased at a young age, and can help you receive insight, messages, and information about loved ones who have crossed over. Identify and connect with your own Spirit Guides, for guidance on your life path, or for a gentler, therapeutic vibe, try an Angel card reading. 

Energy Clearing  and Chakra BalancingTera uses her intuitive gifts and the vibrations of tuning forks to clear negative or cloudy energy and blockages, as well as raising your vibration and aligning your energies.

Dream InterpretationLet Tera provide you with specific insight into your dreams, and find out what your spirit, your guides, and your subconscious mind are trying to tell you.

Pet ReadingsFurry, fuzzy, feathered, or scaly, Tera enjoys connecting with all types of pets and animals. Whether you bring your animal companion to visit our store, bring in a picture of them, or just call in by phone, Tera is happy to provide insight into their feelings and needs. 

Private Parties and Events– Speak with our store manager about scheduling Tera for your next event. Tera is available for all ages and all kinds of occasions, from small family gatherings to large corporate parties. 

Space Cleansings and ConsultationsSpeak with our store manager about scheduling a visit from Tera to cleanse your home or office space of negative energy, unwanted entities, or change the energy and vibration to bring peace or prosperity instead.

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