“Thank you for allowing me to live in Las Vegas, the magnificent Fairyland City I now call my home.

My father was from Liverpool, England and my mother was from a small, mostly French community in northern Alberta, Canada. I’ve traveled a long way from my humble beginnings as a young Canadian girl. In Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, I was the first female to open a part time employment agency in the city, MIS-JO Office Services. I was known as a headhunter, keen on finding jobs for women. As time flew by I then moved my office headquarters to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where it prospered for many years.

In my single days I had many girlfriends, and we were always going to tea cup readers, clairvoyants, and psychics to find out when we were going to meet Prince Charming, and I’m very happy to say, this exciting activity is still going on today. I was told by a well-known psychic in Vancouver when I lived there that I would meet an American and marry him. Three days later this American appeared in my office and to this day this man, my husband Hobie, still has the other half of my heart. Was that a coincidence or a psychic prediction?

We owned “Hobie’s Roadhouse”, one of the busiest bars and entertainment houses in Concord, CA, and it seemed at that fast-moving time in our lives we were there forever. Horses were our passion at the time and we opened our own stables at Bay Meadows and Golden Gate and spent many years and dollars in the horse industry on a ranch in Oakley, California.

I’m very lucky today doing something I’m passionate about. I work as a Licensed Psychic in my Fairyland City, Las Vegas, Nevada. This work encouraged me to write my book and promote it for TV.”

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